Project Scope

Major gold mining company required the development of maintenance strategies and associated bill of materials to support the execution of the tasks. The project included over 50 models of mining equipment including both surface and underground extraction assets.

Project Outputs & Outcomes

The project was a significant and complex undertaking that involved over 10 Liviol personnel for a period of 9 months. Extensive research and development work was undertaken to establish the equipment maintenance strategies drawing on our internal experience and knowledge. Once the strategies had been peer-reviewed, the bills of materials required for the execution of the strategic tasks were constructed.

Completion of the project has achieved the following outcomes for the client

  • Standardised maintenance strategies for equipment across the company.
  • Complete list of materials required to execute each task.
  • CMMS catalogued material numbers to enable task lists to be populated.
  • Material forecasts for supply chain and OEM suppliers.
  • Increased accuracy of budget forecasts.